Computer Graphics Consulting


We are experienced with AR, VR, VFX, Animation, & Video Games. 

We specialize in fine tuning studios to bring out their full potential.    


Here's What We Do

Consulting / Assessments

We’ve worked on everything from giant productions like Avatar to small indie productions.  We can help you no matter what stage you’re at.

Production Tools

We provide an extensive set of pipeline, workflow, and automation tools for Animation, VFX, Comp, Video Games, VR, and AR. 

Custom Development

Our Goal is to make it feel like we’re part of your creative team, or an extention of your development team.  We adapt to fit your needs.


Experience That Matters

I’ve worked on every size of project all over the globe, from blockbusters like Avatar to commercials.

I’ve worked as an Artist, a Supervisor, and a business owner.

I take all that experience and create magic for my clients.  I’d love to work together.

– Tom Mikota (CG Lumberjack)